If you’ve been following our videos and reading the blogs but still have questions about applying the information, it’s possible to arrange for a personal consultation with Phyllis Stork, aka Dr. Mouthpiece.

Not every playing problem is mouthpiece related, but whether your issues are conceptual, based on faulty technique, or even if the mouthpiece proves to be the culprit, we can help.

These consultations are available on a very limited basis. We offer sessions online (Zoom, Skype, Facetime) or, many players choose to make the trek to our headquarters in Vermont. We certainly recommend the “in person” session for best results.

Online, the cost is $50.00 for a half hour. In person, we schedule hour long sessions at a cost of $150.00. This cost does not include any mouthpieces that may be recommended. Please be advised that we tend to go way past an hour if you come to the shop (at no additional charge). We work until you feel confident that you have the tools you need to make the changes you seek.

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